Prioritizing your peace of mind

Some pests are just a nuisance, but others can spread disease. Nobody likes to see a large American cockroach, but smaller German cockroaches reproduce much faster and can spread bacteria. German cockroaches are often brought into the home through garage sale purchases, used furniture or a box of hand-me-downs. If you notice anything on a used item that looks like droppings, wings, casings or dead bugs, do not bring those items into your home. Contact our exterminator in Abilene, Texas, for advice about a thorough cleaning.

When the weather starts to cool down, rodents also seek refuge inside your home. Not only can they leave droppings around your house, but they also can contaminate food, cause damage from chewing and spread disease. Some rodents, especially rats, will not respond to traps and bait.

Our team is skilled in pest control, ridding your home of these animals, restoring your peace of mind, and keeping your property pest- and rodent-free.

Call C.C. & Company Pest Control if you need the services of an exterminator in Abilene, Texas.

How to prevent a pest and rodent infestation

Dealing with pests in your home can be frustrating and disgusting, resulting in the need for an exterminator in Abilene, Texas. To prevent intruders, take these measures to protect your home.

  • Keep food stored – Make sure food items are sealed, especially dry goods such as cereal, grains and snacks. Keep fruits and vegetables in containers.
  • Avoid messy garbage – No crumbs or residue should be on garbage receptacles inside your home. If a mess happens, take the garbage outside immediately.
  • Be wary of hand-me-downs – Carefully check hand-me-downs of all kinds – boxes, clothing, electronics, garage sale items, furniture, etc.
  • Throw away cardboard – Cardboard attracts rodents because they use this material for nests.
  • Seal food packages – Mice and rats can slip into small spaces, including rips or tears in food packaging.