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Concerned about termites? Call now!

Known as the “silent destroyer,” termites can be affecting your home or property before you notice any damage. If you suspect an infestation, it is essential to enlist termite control services.

Termites feed off cellulose-based plant materials found in wood and plant matter, making most homes and structures in the Abilene, Texas, area prime targets.


What do they look like?

Most termites are about one-fourth to one-half inch long, with kings and queens being larger (more than an inch long). They are typically pale-colored. Flying termites have two pairs of wings.

What are signs of a termite infestation?

A swarm of insects in your home or coming from the soil around your home can be indicators. Your wood may seem hollow or you may notice cracked or bubbling paint on your walls. If you look closely, you also might see discarded wings from the swarms.

Once we confirm a need for termite control, C.C. & Company Pest Control knows how to take care of it. Don’t hesitate. Get in touch with us today for professional termite control.